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Dr. Asena Madison

Primary Care Physician

Dr. Asena Madison

Dr. Asena Madison is a Primary Care Physician who is board certified in Family Medicine. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and has 16 beloved nieces and nephews. She completed her Family Medicine residency at Chesterfield Family Practice and receiver her medical degree at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Dr. Madison is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine which lends to her passion to teach her patients the power of plants and their amazing capacity to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic diseases.


Dr Madison leads an active lifestyle that includes outdoor activities and playing sports, especially volleyball. In addition, she is fluent in Spanish and is involved in international missions. She is passionate about being a blessing to others by bringing health and wholeness — to the body, soul, and spirit.

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Genny Mack

Genny McKinley's (aka "Genny Mack") mission is to empower women to heal with plants and prioritize oneself to live abundantly. Genny transformed her overall well-being, after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, by transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle and now has more mental clarity, energy and purpose than ever before. This led her to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Coach and Plant-Based Recipe Developer and has changed many lives through clean eating, movement, and mindfulness.


Genny also understands the importance of balancing career and well-being from her 12 years of experience working in corporate as a certified public accountant. Genny has worked with companies such as Google, Omnicom Media Group, Tapestry and Boston Consulting Group, to bring mindful plant-based eating and movement to the forefront of employee wellness. Genny's hope is to empower 10K+ women and communities to transition to a plant-based lifestyle by 2023 to reverse generational traumas and thrive.

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Genny Mack

Certified Holistic Nutritionist 


Jessica Snyder


Jessica Snyder - Emcee

Jessica Snyder better known as Jess, is the founder of JessWuzHere, her home for event curation and graphic design. For over five years, Jess has been the to-go social media manager for special events in Richmond and surrounding cities. 

Her knack for honing in on both what her clients want as well as new ideas for how to expand their brands marks her as one of the best in the industry. She's worked on a variety of digital campaigns with Richmond organizations including Richmond Black Restaurant Experience, Visit BLKRVA, Heart and Soul Brewfest and The Richmond Jazz and Music Festival. 


In her free time Jess enjoys going to live concerts, podding, and singing with various bands in the city. 

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DJ Ease

Pronouns : She/They


Richmond, Virginia native  Ease, is a self established artist, mixed media producer, audio/visual engineer, open-format DJ/MC, and soon to be architectural engineer. 


Ease found and established Alleviative Productions LLC, an audiovisual and mixed media production company in 2019. Prior to their business venture, Ease has DJ/MC’d  and produced professionally for almost 10 years. Ease has a history of partnerships and collaborations with numerous individuals, organizations, and non-profits primarily within the Richmond area.  Ease utilizes these productions as an outlet for self expression, intuitive connection, capturing first hand experiences, and  transforming those experiences through artistic mediums and social platforms.


Ease advocacy includes pushing positive narratives and missions forward that will benefit humanity and bring community awareness, participation, and inclusiveness.  

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DJ Ease


DJ Frank Rite


DJ Frank Rite

From playing inside the dorms of Virginia State University to moving the crowd locally in the city of Richmond, DJ Frank Rite, founder of Rite Ones Entertainment, has come a long way. His love for music has spread into HipHop, R&B, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Latin, and many more genres, and has a passion to see people turnt up! Anywhere from birthday parties to weddings, block parties to corporate events, local bars and private venues, he has made a great impression with his ability to mix and cater to the crowd. 

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Cooking demos

Lauren Vincelli

Making Memorable Sandwiches


Award winning vegan chef, Lauren Vincelli, will share tips and tricks for making unforgettable plant-based sandwiches you will want in your regular rotation. And we’re stacking them high with colorful, flavorful and easy to find plant-based ingredients. We’ll be passing out samples of a special 6’ Soul Vegan Block Party sub. Don’t miss it. 

Lauren Vincelli is an award winning vegan cook, event planner and community organizer with over a decade of culinary experience in the Richmond area, founder of the Richmond Moon Market and host of Mushroom Mania. Her culinary career has taken her to kitchens at local veg-friendly favorites like Cobra Cabana, Strange Matter, Nota Bene, Fresca, and more; honing her pizza,  sandwich, and wood-fired oven skills all the way. 

Lauren Vincelli

Demonstration: Making Memorable Sandwiches

Award Winning Vegan Chef

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 11.10.01 AM.png

Trichelle Florence -The Thick Vegan

Once struggling as a young working professional mom plagued with ongoing health issues, Trichelle took on a huge healing journey and now helps millennial moms SLAY disease naturally with plants.


Her mission is to educate busy millennial moms how to ditch fad diets and release their dependence on pharmaceutical medications and position their bodies to heal naturally through a vegan way of life—and look good while doing it!

Fitness instruction

Jada Wade 

Line Dancing

Jada Wade is part of the 10th class of Fitness Warriors! She is passionate about fitness and making an impact on the people’s lives in her community.

During the pandemic Jada fell in love with line dancing when she was introduced to it by line dancing with Mama D. She currently teaches a dance and circuits class on Tuesdays at 6PM at Hickory Hill Community Center where she combines her love for line dancing with Tabata/circuit training.

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Maria Jones

Quickie 5-Minute Fitness Session

Maria Jones is a well-respected in the world of fitfam, a vegan of 3 years, fitness coach, and owner of Richmond’s well-known [Body by Maria] gym & studio; “the home of results”.

She is the originator of the city’s first, and only minority-owned and ran amateur bikini competition, where 100s of women discover their own confidence and courage to endure 8 intense weeks of weight training to compete for the BBM “queen & crown”. For 7 years, she has hosted Vegan friendly “Eat Clean Workshops” across the country, where she offers a fun, easy, educational, and interactive experience about healthy meal planning and alternatives for transitioning to Veganism; Her Eat Clean Workshops include unique meal plans, demonstrations, sampling and her lively personality. She has changed so many lives, and has encouraged our community to aspire to “fight the statistics” through clean eating and consistent breathing with exercise.

Ricky Martin

Fit to Go

Rick is the owner of a local mobile fitness company that has been serving the Richmond Tri cities area for decades. Rick is a AFAA CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER & ACE CERTIFIED GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, MAHA VIRA 200YTT, as well as  ACE SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST and CDC PREDIABETES PREVENTION LIFESTYLE COACH.  He is the Head Coach and Co Creator of the SPORTS Backers FITNESS WARRIORS PROGRAM, training 150 group exercise instructors to lead Free fitness classes in the community.


Ricky Martin's passion is in sharing wellness information with the community. During his long career as a fitness professional in the Richmond Tri Cities area, Mr. Martin has had many accomplishments. As a husband, father and grandfather Rick understands family and community as a daily life movement of love and nurturing.  His self care is in enjoying time at home, playing guitar and reading.

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